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Sona April 27th???

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The below message is from the 'substance and abuse' forum on the board. Did anyone see this on Saturday??

By any chance was anyone at Sona in Montreal on Sat., April 27? Scariest shit I've ever seen. I was dancing right next to this girl who was rolling.... she was wearing those lightshow glasses over her eyes and her friends were giving her massages all over...suddenly she starts convulsing and shit, they take the glasses off and her eyes are rolled all the way back like that scene from fuckin' Exorcist. Looked like a Halloween mask. She just dropped to the ground and we were tryin to give her water and find her pulse and shit. Absolutely insane. They couldn't find her pulse on either wrist or her neck, eventually two security guys came and carried her body out. I don't know how she ended up but her friends were all crying and everyone said she died. If anyone else was there that night....do you know if this girl turned out OK? Horrible shit.

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Man if that girl was dead it'd be all over the news and the Sona would be in deep shit. As a matter of fact, the whole of montreal club scene would be in it. Chances are she's doin' OK.

Wonder how many she droped to get like that though. "Use and abuse" they say right?

Keep partying my man! ;)


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