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1# Best Way to Get Your Body Ready 4 Summer


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Originally posted by gothzane

Red X's...Wow....I had no idea..:tongue:

Ahh the best excersize is still overloading your body with sex.


Do you have a link to that website? I feel like getting in shape all of a sudden...

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starving yourself slows your metabolism which makes ur body store fat and you lose muscle mass. not a good idea. i myself have a problem gaining weight. i work out and drink protein shakes, the only think that has worked for me is creatine and eating like a pig. that builds me up pretty fast. hey magilicuti you look pretty big, any advice for a stickman like me? (this little kid called me spaghetti arms yesterday, how embarassing!)

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i think ghost was kidding...like i was...bass-o-matic is from an old SNL skit with Dan Akroyd...i was showing my age...anyways...on a serious tip, i'm not myself if i dont excercise at least 4 times a week...it's good for the mind, body and soul...:D

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