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lookie here:

Do you love Scott Henry? Do you worship him as your personal god? Do you want to win dinner with him this Friday at 7PM for you and a friend? Dinner that HE will pay for?

Be the first to answer all five questions below correctly and send the answers to [email protected] with the subject heading of FEVER CONTEST. If you forget to do this, you will be disqualified.

The winner will be posted on Thursday, and will recieve dinner for 2 with Scott Henry himself and two goodie bags full of vinyl, cds, samplers, and stickers.

1. How many FEVER “time to get ill” tapes were made?

2. What is the name and address of the club that FEVER was held at?

3. What was the date of the last FEVER party?

4. Name 5 out of the 6 DJs featured on the FEVER Tour.

5. Why do you think Scott kicks so much ass?

Transportation will NOT be provided to dinner or to the club. In the event that Scott gets drunk and can't spin, YOU will be held responsible. Void in states were dinner with Scott Henry is illegal.

Now what a GREAT bday gift that would be! :D

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OMG - this is too f**king funny.

I should probably know the answers to these questions off the top of my head. But I suck, so I don't.

Anybody wanna help a sister out? In the meantime, I'll be FEVERishly (haha, I'm gay) scanning his website.

This would be just too f**king funny.

Your the best Tinybutterfli!!

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Originally posted by crank47

I believe Fever was held at the Paradox in Baltimore (1310 Russell St.).

That's right. I think I might have a flyer around for the last fever party, but I have so many flyers around I can't be sure.

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