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well, its an opioid, so the risk you're taking of getting physically addicted to it is pretty high. it's rx'ed as a pain killer - post-operative, sickle pain episodes, etc.

Nalbuphine HCL (Nubain - DuPont Pharmaceuticals)

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Originally posted by shroomy

how come I only hear of body builders using this shit and never anyone else?

alot of ppl that sell juice also sell it.....i've never done it...but i guess when ur juicin and workin out mad hard....it just really really relaxes ur muscles and gets u all doped up lol

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The reason that mostly bodybuilders use nubain is cuz when youre taking steroids, your blood pressure is pretty high, therefore you have a hard time sleeping relaxing etc. Youre always edgy. Nubain will help with that.

Also, a lot of bodybuilders have fucked up joints etc, therefore are constantly in pain and use Nubain.

It is very highly addictive, and ive seen ppl turn into shit with bain, so be careful with it.


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Nubain is a mixed opioid agonist-antagonist, which means it possesses both agonist(mu and k agonist binding ability), and antagonist properties. It's antagonist potency is 25 - 30% that of nalorphine (narcan), so it will cause a sudden and severe abstinance syndrome (withdrawal) in people dependant to pure mu-agonist opiates (i.e. heroin, morphine, vicodin, percoset, oxycontin). It also possesses a strong k-agonist binding ability. mu-agonist produce very strong euphoria, and do not stop upon repeated administration. Unfortunately, k-agonist will cause euphoria at first, but upon repeated use, the euphoria turns to severe disphoria (the opposite of euphoria). That would include moodiness, aggravation, anger, a general "bad mood". That is why it is not scheduled. After you take it a while, you will not want to for long. It is also considered to be equianalgesic to morphine (nubain 10mg = morphine 10mg).

To cut around all the medical shit...do not have any traces of vicodin, persoset, T3's or oxycontin in your system...

Hope this info helps!

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Originally posted by elitesnautica

So how would say 10 mg of nubain equate to 10 mg of oxycondone or can you even compare the 2???


are you snorting the oxys?? Bain is very mellow, youll be very relaxed and chill. The cotton mouth with it sux though.

As far as oxys, i have not tried them but from what i hear they will have the oposite effect to bain if you snort them.

If youre interested in nubain, look up tourbogesic, its about 5 times as strong as bain, and it gives you better bang for your $

have fun


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