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god...isn't Tickling such a turn on???? I'm ticklish everywhere...and get so squirmy when someone hits a "spot".... And it's such a playfully cuddly thing too...that can lead up to something soooooo naughty!!!!!

...isn't it one of the best build ups?!?!?!?!!?:tongue:

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oooohhh you´re talking with the most tickliesh (omg how the fuck do you spell that?) person on planet earth!! i am ticklish EVERYWHERE, always :D!

most tickle fights end up with me being on top pinning her down, then some nose wiggling and a small kiss here and there and all that follows :tongue: !

tickle fight -> foreplay. everyone who denies this is lying to himself :)

but i gotta agree with tastyt, some people really don´t know when to stop it. it really gets uncomfortable after a while, even if it´s mad funny in the beginning :)!:

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