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Sex board? Geez, I wasn't even aware such a thing existed. I certainly have no cause to be posting over there :blank: I went over and read about the situation, though.

Joey, I know how the unrequited love crap goes. I went through this stuff for a few years, my earliest years of college, pining for girls who really didn't even care/know I existed. I stopped doing that, because I simply couldn't take it anymore. Too painful. Now I just operate under the assumption that most women don't want me. It pisses me off, but I'd rather be pissed off than sad, really.

I am not suggesting you do this, as it does nothing to stave off frustration. I don't know what to say other than that it is difficult. Meeting girls is probably the most difficult thing I'll ever do in my whole life. It often feels that way. I also feel that living in South Florida makes it worse. I don't care what anyone says, it's f'ing HARD here. I don't know whether it's because I'm more relaxed or what have you, but whenever I leave this place and go on a trip anywhere else in the USA, I start to feel better vibes from women. I don't feel that here. I honestly feel like most women here are so full of themselves, they're not going to give a decent guy a chance. There are way too many flashy, slick dudes here who are good at bullshitting and will say anything to get a woman. I am not. Talking is not my forte. I love Florida, lived here all my life, but I've been tempted to move on more than one occasion simply because of the female situation here.

Anyway, sorry to hear that - I know how it is.

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