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Originally posted by teamj5

Puck is my friend.

You are just a figment of everyones imagination. You don't exsist !

Not that is you, you are fake. We all know it, it is time for you to come to grips with it

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ok dude if you say im your friend thats all cool with me i know nothing of this fake crap so whatever

kaydup and i have this pyshological double personality type of thing he may maybe puck or maybe i am kaydup who the hell really knows these days.........take fightclub for example.........exaclty

what if you are all a creation of a simulatated world like that movie the 13 floor

conclusion; live life cause its too short, fuck the rest

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Originally posted by prplhz

Team J,

If you let me, I will be your friend:D

Unless of course I am still on your suck list??:confused:

I'm not sure...you were the whole reason for me making up a suck list.

We'll see, when you get back from Ibiza ;)

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