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Originally posted by magilicuti

mine cost me over 200 and i lost them at sf a couple months ago :(

Man, $130 is even fuckin too much but holy christ for over $200 yer glasses better fuckin slide on yer face automatically with the hit of a button. :cool:

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Originally posted by quoth

because they costed me $130 fuckin dollars? So they better damn well make me feel "cool".


:laugh: :laugh:

One I bought a pair of Gucci glasses for $255...I brought them with me on Vacation to greece... the 4th day they totally cracked becauz they were in my backpack...

NEVER AGAIN will i buy expensive glasses....

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Originally posted by magilicuti

those oakleys u had are hot, nice pick


yea anyone should definitely check them out. They are hot and all but in all seriousness the fuckin polarized lenses are soooooooooo phat...like when you put them on the world looks extremely different and its almost as if things look clearer too...ya just gotta put em on to see what im talking about....the only complaint is that...i have had them for like 2 yrs now...and the very ends of the part that fits over yer ear..well the silver paint is starting to kinda wear away which sorta does piss me off but i assure lol i bought it at a place that is an authorized dealer of Oakley and they aren't fake just fuckin cheap with the paint job for $130 lol.

glow: oufff...i know what u mean...

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