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Wanted: TASTEFUL Schoolgirl Pics

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Speaking of searching for schoolgirl pics, if anyone could post pictures of or links to (somewhat) fully clothed schoolgirls in this thread, I would very much appreciate it. No porn please. I would have done a search for it but I would have ended up with cum guzzling schoolgirls, anal-beaded schoolgirls, and hot schoolgirl on schoolgirl action ... and right now I don't have the time to sort through all that :P

thanks :D

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Originally posted by ou812

That's not a schoolgirl ,"IT"S A MAN BABY!!"

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! :laugh:

I have some awesome pix of me as a catholic schoolgirl one Halloween... now, if I could only find them... and if I only had a scanner... :rolleyes:

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