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Don't you hate it when.....


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someone on the same file sharing program as you decided to DL your entire file that you worked so hard on to get. Bout 10 minutes ago, i noticed that someone tried to DL bout half my selcetion of trax i DLed from WinMx. I Hate FREELOADERS. i don't mind if they take a few trax but not all of em

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I know the feeling. One person tried to download everything ... AT THE SAME TIME!! And to top it off it failed. So all my songs were in cue to some guy who i couldn't even connect to.

SO I deleted him. :laugh:

It's only fair to let the people who are more respectful take my songs.

This one time, some one was connected at 100kbs to me and took a song, so i got all excited. When I tried to download ... I coudn't even browse his/her files. That's what pisses me off the most.

People download one at a time ... or send a message warning the guy that you like a lot of his songs.

Someone needs to write a book on internet etiquette(sp?)

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when I see that someone has a ton of my songs they think they are gonna dl from me, I automatically check his/her files. So glad soulseek has that option. If I see that they are not sharing files, I immediately delete their list and ban the user. Then I send them a message and inform them that its a file sharing program not a file stealing program w/ a simple message.


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