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X-Phactor - Live On Metro Mix Radio TODAY - 1-3PM

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I caught the last 40 mins of your set. Great song selection!! Which clubs do you go to, to listen to those songs.

I know most of them but there was this one song. It had the whip sound in it. I'm not sure if you added that effect or it was part of the song. Either way it sounded really good. What was the name of it?


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hehe i dont think one club in nyc plays trance..its all boring ZzZ prog house now and days lol..umm that song that your referring to with a whip sound i think is Riva - Time Is The Healer (Original Mix)...here's the tracklist of my set ..thx for all that listened :)

1. Exor vs Project Medusa - Moonshine (Part 1)

2. DJ Tiesto - Flight 643 (Orkidea's Wintergalactic Remix)

3. Marco V - Atlanta 02.02.2002

4. Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre (DJ Scot Project Remix)

5. Acer - Mixmaster (Bob LTD Mix)

6. Space Frog - Follow Me (Pulsdriver vs Rocco Remix)

7. DJ Remy - Butterfly

8. Alvin Dorsey + Nick Petrel - K

9. Three Drives - Carrera 2

10. Midway - Monkey Forest

11. Mac Zimms - Tamboora Brutal

12. Mass Effect - In Full Effect

13. Ralphie B - Massive (Filterheadz Remix)

14. Sonorous - Glass Garden (Ronki Speed Remix)

15. M.I.K.E - Sunrise At Palamos

16. Richie Santana - Trance Revolution (Don't Be Afraid Mix)

17. Perpeteous Dreamer - SOund Of Goodbye (Armin's Tribal Feel)

18. Perpeteous Dreamer - Dust.wav (Armin's rising star mix)

19. Riva - Time Is The Healer

20. Second Sun - Empire (Original Mix)

21. Rapid Eye - Circa Forever

22. Coast 2 Coast - Home (5am Mix)

23. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Three 'N' One Remix)

24. Cosmicman - I Love You (Original)

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