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This is why pornography is bad......

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This one made me laugh....

12) Porn has power over you. Do you doubt this? Just try to walk away from it and never view it again - its almost impossible! This kind of power is destructive and will attempt to dominate and ruin your life.

:laugh: :laugh:

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Originally posted by djjonstephen

This is my favorite......

17) Porn can lead you into addiction to masturbation.

BAHAHHA!~ and there's a link under "masturbation"...this is mint~

"Masturbation brings us into bondage: Can you stop masturbating? If you can't stop, then you have been mastered by it. This is called bondage. There are only two things that you can be a slave to: sin or righteousness. There are no other masters. Which master does masturbation serve? Does it encourage you to focus on God, or does it focus on fulfilling your desires apart from God? Masturbation serves lust, and therefore sin is it's master."

bondage? how is that bad~?! swweeet...:whip2:


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