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Mp3's To Cd

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Yes. You just need software that allows you to do it. Adobe cd creator has an option to create data files. In which case you can just click and drag it on and burn the cds.

The other option is to avoid media all together and setup a network between two computers (depending on their proximity).

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Originally posted by tommyconigz

Is there any way to burn them as data files so you could fit alot more on 1 cd, and then transfer them to another computer? Basically, is there any other way besides a ZIP drive or 200 regular 80 minute cd's to transfer my tracks?



Use Adaptec Cd creator and click data Cd. Each Cd can hold up to about 700 MB. About 70 songs or so. I do it all the time so I wont lose any of my shit if my hard drive crashes.

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