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Would you turn down a bj or punan eatin?


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Originally posted by fierydesire

:confused: I know it may seem like a dumb question but I know guys who have turned it down and I have turned down a good eatin . . .

- :whip2: -

i turn it down, a lot more then i shouldnt... im such a prude... (seriously, i hate casual sex but once i get drunk, im like austin powers on E...)

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Originally posted by trueqwest

Gonna have to agree there...For me, it's actually such a greater turn on knowing (and feeling!!!) that I've satisfied a woman than receiving some myself...

It's a turn-on like I can't describe.

I will have to agree... There is no greater turn on than hearing a woman get off... When you know that you are driving her up a wall... It is almost better then the sex itself...

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