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Some guy on soulseek just bitched me out...

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Man am i angry....need to vent...you guys know theres no drama with me...well i hate these fuckin soulseek leechers....i have rules that you must share and can only download 4 tracks at a time (I want to give everyone a chance)..I share with EVERYONE assuming they are following the rules which are clearly stated. those who do not get banned. So some asshole starts tellin me he's a producer and he's at work and cannot share and thats why he wasn't sharing.. Ok, fine, i respect that, but he had 12 files cued up as well.! Then he tells me im stealing from the record bussiness, even though HE was trying to download from me, and I work in the business! I have been saying for a long time that the music buss needs to embrace the internet and figure out a way to make money off it. i'm caught in a paradox, because i work at a company but i also beleive in music sharing via the internet. Anyway, sorry to vent, I just hate these fucken leeches on soulseek....


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one night i left my cpu on all night so people can take shit from me. I wake up and some dumass was complaining about not connecting or not being able to download. He curses me out like i just kicked him in the balls. i look at the list and mf had downloaded 5 songs from me already.

the bitch didn't even apologize for leaving stupid ass messages. So i banned him.

But I must say ... the majority of people that i come across on soulseek have been cool. For example a couple of times i've sent a message to people who weren't sharing their files. Turns out they had no idea, so they simply fixed the problem, no questions asked.

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