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Bleaching , washign , ripping , cuttin jeans


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I had a pair of faded jeans, and my stupid ass washed them in warm water a few times and the fade pretty much faded away. The dark blue dye blended into the part that was supposed to be faded. And they say they "Bleech Blast" it...so..... I first tried bleaching it, with a scrubber thing and some clorox to where the fade was orginally was. It didn't help very much, just made it a little lighter. Then ofcourse I remember hearing some jeans are "Sand Blasted." So I took some sand paper and rubbed the part that was supposed to be faded. And I gotta say it worked really well.. So I say try to use the sand paper. It takes about 5-10 minutes, make sure you rub hard though.

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vstanzi, it seems clear that your toothless mother had one too many stoli's back in Jersey when you were a fetus thus resulting in one of the most imbecile B&T posters on this board.

Your 13, your spikes havent fully grown yet, pubes havent set in so you can douse them in Acua Di Gio like your older B&T idols.

Dont worry about buying Christian Dior clear shades and wearing them to clubs, dont worry about the endless debate of which gel is better. You should be worried about learning to read, spell, and get past Middle School you pea-shooter dicked dunce.

And if you even think about dressing Rizzo manhattan style, (which I have seen some B&T try POORLY) ill beat your skull in.

Now go..


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first things first...if your gonna cut your jeans, its important to wash them a couple times in COLD water to prevent the high water effect. Second...USE pumice stone instead of sand paper..its easier on the jeans plus adds to the 'faded' look as oppose to the 'worn out about to fall apart to shreads' look. Third, when cutting your jeans, if you want that nice fringe, do not cut them straight through. First cut a small part of the jeans and then rip them up manually. That way it will look like your worked them awhile as oppose to that 'clean, just cut my jeans b4 i left the house' look. hope this helps! take care and good luck!

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