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New info I read

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After reading and talking to many people, it seems that there will be a sort of sit-in tonight at Buzz. I spoke with Nation staff last night and they told me a few things to keep in mind:

-the whole block that Nation is on is Nation property. According to their current restrictions, there is to be no Friday night event at Nation for the next 6 weeks, or this could result in the venue being permanently being shut down. Please realize that being on the sidewalks could result in Nation being shut down.

-the streets are public property, so you have a right to be there. But, once again, the police may find this to be an obstruction so they will no condone it.

-lastly, the best way to handle this situation is to write to the sponsor and co-sponsors of the RAVE Act. The below website contains information on who to contact and where.

What to do?

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i guess i'd just do what you feel is right, but just remember to respect whatever the buzz staff says if they are there. cooperate with whatever law enforcement has to say. and keep it peaceful and encourage anyone who's not to pipe the F down quick i guess. good luck!

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