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and any other DC CPers that are on EzDreamer.... Did Gabor contact you? He's in DC this week and we are trying to figure out something to do on Friday. I told him to contact you guys for info on what goes on during the week since I can't do anything till Friday night. Sorry for posting a thread here but I dont' have access to all your email addresses here and PMing each one of you individually is a pain in the ass :D

Maybe we can go to UP since I now see that Buster will be there spinning an after hours set.

Er... Crank & Vic you guys are gone this weekend, right?

Anyone wanna give me some ideas on what to do this Friday night???? Anyone wanna help me entertain a Cali boy? :D

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Originally posted by tinybutterfli

Anyone wanna help me entertain a Cali boy? :D

I know you'd be there so it wouldn't be completely gay, but I think a threesome with you and another guy might just be a little too weird. I'll have to think about it.

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Originally posted by pluryou

Can I ask what that is?

Another board that some of us post on (I always consider CP my home though ;) ).

I'm still supposed to go out of town this weekend, but that's not 100% at the moment. Not sure what's going on this Friday.... grrr.... Friday's just aren't the same w/out Buzz!

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