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Originally posted by cookiegirl

Probably go on a quick 'n dirty Vegas Vacation and sock away the rest in wise investments for future use . . .

basically the same, take a cool 25k with me to Vegas for a week......

Seriously there is a Chevy Astro van outside the back of my building, nobody was in it and the lights were on, it's light blue and has a roof rack. Also has Md. tags and is kinda beat up. We're gonna go out there for a smoke and see if it's still there. It's hard to smoke when you have to keep ducking and moving, I'll keep you all posted, I'm crossing my fingers I hope it's him!!

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Guest jroo

pay off my house, and car and credit card bill, then i would be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to do whatever i wanted!!!!!! whenever i wanted!!!!!!! i could actually make money from working, then go to vegas, then A.C. . visit all my friends see the world, ENJOY LIFE!! i fucking hate money. how it controls everything

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