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  1. June 26 - Happy Birthdays!

    My b-day was yesterday, but thanks anyway. Happy Birthday to the 3 girls . ......and stop talking about my ass.
  2. its so freakin' hot outside....

    Dude, this heat shouldn't even phase you. Weren't you in 130 degree weather over there in Saudi? Shit, this ain't crap compared to an Arizona summer.
  3. f*ck part 2

    still waiting
  4. Quick Football Rant

    I wonder if there's a Colt 45 girl?
  5. Quick Football Rant

    All of those girls are white too!! Budlight is gonna here from my lawyer!
  6. Quick Football Rant

    How come all of those chicks are white Maybe I should sue Coors Light.
  7. Quick Football Rant

    Thats the only thing I like about it.
  8. Quick Football Rant

    The word soccer comes from the shortening and alteration of Association Football, when the sport became official way back before 1900. Anyway, the word became popular in the US since another word was needed to distinguish between the sport played with the feet and the other which is commonly known as football here in the US.
  9. Beckham to Barcelona?

    You should check out the DC board. There's a whole discussion on that.
  10. Beckham to Barcelona?

  11. Beckham to Barcelona?

  12. Beckham to Barcelona?

    By the way, anyone going to the Man U. vs Barcelona game in Philly? It's August 3rd I believe. Anyone know if there's still tickets for that game?
  13. Beckham to Barcelona?

    Now it's rumored that Beckham is transfering to Barcelona for 49 million big ones! Yet, Beckham's old man stated that his son is staying at Man U regardless of which club wants his services. Also, Real Madrid just announced that they want to sign Ronaldinho from PSG only after Man U. declared the same statement yesterday. But...PSG put out a statement that Ronaldinho is not for sale! WTF!?!?