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To be or not --a NCAA div 1 football playoff


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(cont'd from the first 2002 BCS rankings thread....)

no matter how much they bitch and wine.. they will never have a playoff system. there is just way too much money involved for all parties.. (schools and bowls)

i actually did a college paper on this... :laugh:

1. limits the number of schools participating in post season play

(which actually i think this is good idea... way too many unnecessary bowls anyways) but most alumni and schools want there teams to get the exposure.. even if it means sending them to Idaho! :rolleyes: alumni support= more $$$

2. schools are guarenteed money when they get bowl berths.. win or lose. obviously the top tier bowls paying the most -- this year the top dog will be the fiesta bowl.. and the two competing schools will get probably around $10M a piece. if they enter a playoff formula, schools will lose out money. say they pay for play.. if a top ranked school is upset in the first round of the play offs... they will walk away with one tenth of what they could have made.

-> 2b. the money will most likely be pooled and most of it going to the NCAA itself instead of directly in the school's pocket. The NCAA basketball tournament is the biggeest money making event . but the school's only see a fratcion of that money

3. It was hard enough to form the Bowl coaliton, the Alliance, etc... (where the top tier bowls rotated the National championship) hosting the game... is top $$$.. i highly doubt that these independent sponoroed bowls are going to be eager to form a playoff system.

4. and this is my personal opinion.. it will take away from the "every game counts" one game can ruin a season.. with a playoff system... a team can still "catch up" later on, as long as they qualify for the playoffs. I think its part of the uniqueness that keeps college football so exciting. no other major sport is set up in this dynamic. *shrugs* I(note: i used to think a playoff was imperative also) plus it gives pplsomethign to discuss and debate, lol :tongue:

coaches and players only cry foul when the BCS is working against them... and fans and alumni get dizzied tring to figure out the calculations.. but for right now i think its good..

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The BCS system is in place till 2006 I think - so no changes are in sight for now. I do think the BCS is a total joke.

Other than the obvious reason of top money for the big 5 conferences, a playoff system works in every other Division. They are just greedy bastards - and I hope and pray for the top four schools to go undefeated this year to make the BCS a total clusterfuck. They deserve it! Look at the NCAA tournament for hoops - 65 teams get a chance and anything can happen...loads of money for teams that participate.

Something can be worked out to make all parties involved happy - they have 4 years to do it!

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