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My mom made me take 5 years of classical piano but I suck. I know all I need to know to, in theory, play most pieces but I never really ABSORBED all that music theory. I can't keep good time once the notes become "smaller," and I'm too lazy to give another go at it (i.e. start practicing, playing easier pieces paying more attention to time and feeling). I'm thinking about buying a guitar.

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Originally posted by dgmodel

im trying to teach myself how to play acoustic guitar... however that ish is harder than i thought...

Same here. I took lessons for a few months when i was 12, but my teacher had that weird "rollie fingers" mustache, and I wanted to rock out, but he only taught me folk :(

There's some good books on learning the guitar. SO far i can play Love me Tender from Elvis and some other diddy's i made up.

Oh, and i also freak around with my casio keyboard :D

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