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How the fuck are my shoe shining sluts doing. TODAY is a very very special fucking day.since This marks the 4 month anniversary since the donkeys officially turned club PUSSY ASS planet into the inspirational, dominating and respected DONKEY LAND that it is today.A moment of silence will be held at 3pm today to honor the holiday. The donkeys will be poppin bottles and bling blinging to celebrate. We will also be remebering our lost soldiers through the years by pooring some brew for them. YO YO YO YO bitches. This marks the 4 month anniversary We know we are perfect and all the changes weve made to you faggots have been great. We have instilled pride into the donkeyland members. You people can now walk around with your heads held high and be proud to say youre members of DONKEYLAND. We have however had some failures. KOSTAPUSSY IS STILL A FAT ASS, Hunnie818 still feels the need to chime in when she needs the feel (she should just shut her trap), OU818 is still into those gay ass japanese motorcyled (grow a pair pussy), and vixenfoxy is just an annoying piece of shit with no sense of humor. Dont get this confused, these 4 will be changed along with the rest of the pussies on this board. However we are happy with the revolution thus far and look forward to DONKEYLAND growing stronger and bigger. This day is officially DONKEYLAND DAY. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAWWWWWWWWw. We want your opinion on how perfect our revolution is so HALLA BACK AT US HOOES!!!!!!!!!

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