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What would u like to see Different?

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At the Avalon...

I would like to see a REAL <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guest list</A> </A> line. That is the easiest place in the city to get on a list!

I would also like to see them pay more respect to their Resident DJ.

All of Lanesdowne is a shady opperation if you ask me.

At the Roxy...

I would like to hear a REAL DJ on Saturday nights. He isnt terrible but his music is old and he dosent put a lot of skill into it.

Also I want my water bottle back.

But none of these things are so serious that I will stop going to either place...just things I would change if I were running the show.


[This message has been edited by ~h~ (edited 10-19-2000).]

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