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Denver (Butt) Nuggets


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...dude...not only do they suck...but...WHO THE FUCK R THESE GUYS?????????? ...im pretty well educated when it comes to the league...(shit ill tell u who was on Portlands team when they played the Bulls in the finals...and i wont forget Abdelnaby)....but i have nooooo clue who these guys r...if fuckin Hilario didnt do a Salsa shuffle when he was drafted i wouldnt know any1 on the team....

its like they held open tryouts...and then said OK EVERYONE OVER 6'1 and 230 can b on the team...sick

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heheh, i actually have someone from their team on my fantasy squad (Andersen, don't know his 1st name), but i saw him play last night, and he's pretty good~!

Remember the good ol days when they had Mutombo, Van Exel, even McDyess?/?

I think KiKi watered it down way to far, and besides Juwon, they don't really have a star caliber player :what:

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The Nuggets will be championship calibre in 4 years, so don't laugh too hard. Even this year, they'll probably be better than the Knicks. Andersen, Hilario, and Posey are all decent (although Posey is really overrated....shooting guard who plays like a power forward), but they have plenty of young players who will be good. As far as the open tryouts thing goes, two of the guys they picked up were better about half the players taken in the first round (watch out fantasy folks....when Pedrag Savovic comes off the DL, he'll be a 15 PPG scorer). I don't fault Kiki at all....all he's proving is that he's already one of the best GMs in the league, and after they get LeBron James (or Kendrick Perkins) next year, they'll basically have their entire starting lineup 3 years down the road aside from point guard. Unless there's someone superb out there, that's probably the easiest position to fill...the point guards who were UFAs or 2nd rounders tend to be better than those chosen after the lottery in the 1st round anyway (Jamaal Tinsley aside, so far...)

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