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I need help picking a center for my fantasy BBall team!


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OK, i've got a descent squad in all the other positions so far. Here's what my starting lineup looks like:

PF-Rasheed Wallace

SF-Glenn 'Big Dog' Robinson

C-Stromile Swift

G-Vince Carter

PG-Gilberto Arenas

Now i know stromile isn't a "top" center, but he gets around 10+points, 8-9 reb and a block or 2. Now i need a backup center, but there isn't hardly anything left. I can take Scott Pollard, Loren Woods of Minnesota, or this Andersen guy from Denver.

I already have Vladimier Stepania of Miami who can rebound, but i need more assistance.

Help :tongue:

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Pollard is injured for the next 8-10 weeks, so I wouldn't recommend him. A couple of guys who might be available who weren't mentioned who should do decent are Pat Burke and Calvin Booth (who can block shots like a madman but has been injured....might be good if he comes back healthy in a couple weeks, but it's still a big gamble). Gadzuric is looking good so far, after that I'd say Burke or Brian Skinner (who's splitting time with MacCulloch in Philly)...

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