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attn snatch

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Originally posted by nycchic24

first.. i dont mean to sound like i am hating..

and while your sigs are entertaining. i gotta tell ya.. its not exactly the most prudent for myself and others who read this at work! :eek:

i know i can can shut sigs off.. but i like to read them cuz some are "innocently" humorous....

is there any way you can make the boob shot smaller at least??? :(

always complaining about something....:laugh:

hey don't u think it's funny that the boob shot is just of the boobs and shows no face :hey::hey::hey::hey:

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Originally posted by kidliquid80

it's all fun and games.........until someone gets hurt....:knife:

:knife: :knife: :grin: :grin:

those fingers look fake. anyway....yeah snatch's sig is uncalled for and i find it highly offensive. I remember kuro (from the dc board), used to have a pic of 2 hot girls making out. I had to scroll down fast past his posts whenever i see his sn on there. often times when i forget that i'm in a public computer lab, my friends would ask me what the hell im looking at. so i tell em '" what...? you act like you've never seen 2 girls make out before." hah. so yeah...er a change of sigs wouldnt hurt. snatch, you should look into sigs like mine. everybody loves smiling lil girls in front with the baked goods that they just made with their new easy bake oven, and clay squirrels having fun with acorns!!!

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I shut all my sigs off here at work a long time ago. Sigs are cool, but definitely not what I want someone reading over my shoulder here at work (my cube is in the wide open too). It does make you feel like you're missing the joke on some posts though, but whatareyagonnado?

As far as having naked chicks in your sig... it's cool when girls do it, it's much less cool when guys do. Anyone else agree with me on that one? Damn double standards :tongue:

What does my sig say again??? :confused:

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