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Originally posted by monichinadoll

sorry i couldnt help but say that i work with im and hs really nice and wierd..lol but his cothes are really amzing and he does a lot of detailin. you have to se it in person. goto henri bendel;)

wow i'm jealous!! :eek: the clothes look beautiful... i'm loving that black top in the first pic...

if you don't mind me asking, what do you do for a living?

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its basically an ASST. of an asst. to head Pr( typicalhion world. asst. of an asst.) for matthew and other designers. its a small 13 people firm. But i landed it during an internship and i just got lucky. i wouldve never thought i would work with so many designers. its a lot of fun. I am very happy in my field. I do fashion merchandising, show room design secretary work and sometimes meet with magazine editors to pick out clothes to use for a shoot . my friends the lucky one meets with famous peole for fittings etc..

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its sold as a separate the blazer is about $275 i think and the the skinny pant is almost the same. the paisely wrap belt jacket that a model is wearing w/ just boots goes for over $1,000

:eek: :eek: its kinda crazy. especially when i know the fabrics cost very little. its made of cotton velveteen. not to expensive. but your paying for the style. the boots in this show were by christian lacroix he does amazing shoes. for spring 2003 matthew has the paisely high heel mule with the fabric looking like a bow. vvery cute.

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