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Deep Dish in Philly Review

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to friggin tired to post anything, but ended up there and it was fuckin' amazing. no ambient dub coma session by ali, it was just fukin' amazing.

cheesteaks rawked

and im a happy camper with my "raver strobe lights" we (tinybf and shady) won at dave & busters, i can now rave in style :D

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OMG OMG OMG OMG! What a fuckin' incredible set by Deep Dish last night. Hands down the best set I've ever heard by them. I'm a Sharam fan myself because I always thought that Ali did too much bulid up... wow did he change my mind last night. He started out his set with a reggae sounding tune then went full throttle into a hard hitting house set. I know I told Shady "Ali's been holding out on us dammit!" *lol* Then much to my delight (as well as the crowd's because they were all going wild!) Deep Dish dropped freakin' breaks! I couldn't believe it! I'm pretty sure I started screaming "They're dropping breaks! OMG! They are dropping breaks" *lol*

I had been disappointed with DD the last few times I saw them but they certainly restored my faith in them last night. Superb mixing skills and they really compliment one another's track selection. I danced soooooooo freakin' hard last night. I'm in pain today and I can't believe I'm gonna try to do this again on Saturday night in NYC! I'm so out of practice! :tongue:

Vic - thanks for driving, you are a trooper! *mwah* BTW, nice sig *lol* "Um, there's a gas bubble in my tummy!" :D

Transit is a pretty cool little club. Its an old bank. First of all, I'm so bummed! I took my camera but I didn't take it inside... I wish I had known...NO PAT DOWN! Nothing, we strolled right in! Apparently this doesn't change as the night goes on.

The club is three levels. The dancefloor is tiny! I kept stepping over cracked out kids all night! NO PLACE TO SIT! grrr on the main level. The main room has a catheral ceiling (only one level, does that make sense?) Two bars... Right before you walk on to the dancefloor if you make a left you come to a tiny room and a stairwell. You can take the stairwell up to a lounge area w/ lots of great couches and its own separate bar as well as the VIP area or down to another lounge area w/ its own dj booth, bar and tons of couches. The bathrooms are downstairs as well. The stairwell is NARROW... it took forever to get up & down them because there was always a rush of people trying to go in either direction.

The sound system was okay. I'm not sure what type of system it was but it didn't make my ears hurt and it wasn't distorted... that's all I care about!

No dress code, the vibe was great with a few small exceptions but seeing Deep Dish in that atmosphere really really really made me miss [email protected] Hopefully I'll get out to Trust soon.

Okay, that's all I can muster at the moment (pretty good, huh?) hope you guys are all having a great turkey day!

Oh wait, how could I forget!?! I didn't get to actually meet the allusive PGiddy but I did get to talk to him on the phone. Woo hoo we're getting closer :D haha.... dude, you should have come to Transit! It was an amazing night!

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Originally posted by weyes

not even any post-party pics?

why must i keep missing deep dish every time they come out here (bad timing :mad: )?

nope no pics from DD, we didnt know we could take in a camera, check your e-mail later today.

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