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effects of long term ghb use?

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well there is a HEAVY addiction factor, and I hear the withdrawl is an absolute bitch.

but there really isn't much evidence of long term damage, infact there is some evidence of benifits. (remember GHB used to be found in health food stores)

but IMHO anything that fucks with neurotransmitter over a long period of time is probably bad (but then again most anti-depressants do)


One particularly fascinating property of GHB is its ability to prevent cell damage. Several studies have shown a reduction in oxygen requirements and a subsequent reduction in hypoxic cell damage. The exact mechanism of this tissue protective effect is unknown; however, several effects have been noted, including reductions in lipid peroxidation, lipolysis, free radical production, and a dampening of the inflammatory response. GHB also has been shown to be protective in radiation exposure.

Benefit has been observed in a wide range of organ systems and in dozens of conditions, including hemorrhagic shock, sepsis, stroke, mesenteric ischemia, organ transplant, and myocardial infarction (MI). MI benefit has received the greatest attention. GHB consistently has been found to improve outcomes, including decreased mortality rates, in several animal MI trials. However, its benefit in human MI trials has not yet been confirmed. The combination of cell-protective and anesthetic properties has made GHB a candidate for use in certain types of surgery.

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i have a couple friends who have been using it for years and swear that it is keeping them healthy and out of depression. also they have told me that they have not become addicted and if they stop using it for a while they do not suffer any kind of withdrawal.

however, i am still wary about it and use it infrequently.

i was hoping some long-term user could share his or her experience with us.

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