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Nomination bracelets??

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Everyone in my family including freind and b-friend love them............. I do think there super cute.

THey are so over priced here, some of them aren't even Nomination, which is the best brand. They are only 5 Euro a charm, which is equal to the $, as aposed to $20 a charm here, but they also came out about 2 years ago if not more in Italy.

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I got one too. I have a friend that works at the place and she made me one and for this Christmas a few people at work got me more charms. So far I have...

The Italian Flag one


A cross

My Initals CJL


2 other ones that i dont even know what they are yet lol, so the lady that got me them has trouble seeings small things so I guess she just picked out whatever, lol.

Im also gonna go get the new Ferrari ones to match my tat.

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