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Aston Martin DB7 GT & Vanquish


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Originally posted by starshaped



In an ideal world i'd have either of these parked on my drive alongside a Ferrari & a Porsche :aright: As it is i'll stick with my Polo :laugh:

ehhh , the db7 isn't that impressive, the vanquish is, but with a price tag of 275 at the dealerships, u can find better (unless you already have everything else)

(if u ask how i know, lets just say that me and my father went car shoppin one day)

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Originally posted by ghhhhhost

:D:tongue: ...wit that attitude u wont b invited to jet ski

Nonononono!!!!! I have a great attitude! I wannnnnnna go jetskiing wit Weed and ghhhhhost and everyone else on the car board!!!!! especially mbenzml lol, who promised me a trip to Italy and a Lamborghini!!!! I want to see what this guy is all about hehe. :tongue: Now can you handle that>?>? :)

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Originally posted by petp

thats a nice attitude to have :rolleyes:

why not make your own money so u can buy one for yourself!??!?!?!

Bro, I was just fucking around lol. Don't get all technical and shit on meeeee! hehe I would just rather spend $150,000+ on clothes, not a car. :tongue: Actually, I'd rather save it for my children's college educations. :D

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