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Real Madrid vs Barcelona: No US TV


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Real Madrid vs Barcelona ... on April 19 ... will not be available ... legally ... on any form of live television in the US or Canada ...

ESPN International ... which holds the US and Canadian TV rights to the match ... via an agreement with Barcelona-based sports marketing agency Media Pro ... is unable to sublicense the match to an independent promoter ... or to another TV network in the US or Canada ... at a price which would result in a profit for ESPN, Inc. ...

Due to prior programming commitments ... ESPN and ESPN2 ... will not air the match in the US ...

The match will air live in Latin America ... and the Caribbean ... on ESPN Latin America ... on Saturday April 19 ... at 3:25pm EST ...

Vip :hat:

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what are you talkin about

the game is on saturday

anywayz they should show some football on espn2

whatsup with the 2003,2004 champs league i heard they dont have the rights and this year theyre only showing 1 game per week

fukin schmuks

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Originally posted by vicman

shit, wrong thread again :rolleyes:

real madrid sucks, btw. la coruna is 1 point behind them on the satndings.

Real Sociedad also won ... 5-0 at home to Rayo :eek: ... it will be an interesting finish to La Liga ...

On Saturday ... Barza deserved the three points ... there was a goal by Mendieta which was ruled offside which was pretty doubtful ...


It was an intense and emotional game for both ... could meet again in the next few weeks if both can hold on to their advantegeous scores in the Champions League this Tuesday and Wednesday ...


Vip :hat:

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