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AVALAND Friday's & SEXXY Saturday's @ AVALON


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It's getting warm and Avalon is heatin' up!!!!!!!

Friday 05/02/2003: Come checkout Avaland Resident Ali Ajami banging out a

4 Hour Set

19+ - Casual Dress Code - Doors @ 10PM

Saturday 05/03/2003: Resident Dj Nailz (Boston's Best...Second to None!) with opening Set By Dj Bayo

19+ - Casual, BUT Neat Dress Code - Doors @ 10PM

E-mail me @ sima0069@hotmail.com for guestlist, VIP, and more info. :D

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Originally posted by nyis4meatheads

Two posts since 1998!?!?! Way to pace yourself!!! :laugh::D

Is this Kara as in Kara, Kara?

Yes this is me :)

I actually had a lot more...I have no idea where they all went. I used to post on this board all the time my last year of college ('98)..back then it was just ClubNYC and it was this really basic board....anyway it was started by this guy Dmitry (who now does nightclubcity & JP's board) and his girlfriend Jill. In late '99 or so they got corporate sponsorship, and they expanded the boards to other cities...that's when it became Clubplanet.

Dmitry left around '00, and when he left a lot of the originals who joined ClubNYC left with him..basically because the board was selling out and it was becoming the joke it is today...Dmitry was banned from posting for a long time, again because this board is the retard boards of all retard boards....

I lost my password sometime like 2 years ago, and I re-registered under sparkem00, I have no clue how I just got my original name back. Under my 2nd name I had about 200 posts or so...I read this board but rarely post...yes I'm a lurker :)

Ok that's some cluplanet history for you all....and again I just proved how freakin old I am and how hard I'm trying not to work today!!



...schooling dipshits since '98 lol

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