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Like Newport? Like House Music?


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Planning to head down to Newport this summer? Annoyed by the lack of good house music down there? Don’t worry….

This summer, Groovefire, New Era and Tweak Magazine are proud to present 4 nights of house music at Newport's premier dance club, Studio 3 (above the Pelham):

Saturday, June 7th ::: Groovefire

Saturday, July 5th ::: Groovefire

Saturday, August 2nd ::: New Era (Ede Armand & Fester)

Saturday, August 30th ::: Groovefire

Studio 3 is a big, gorgeous club. It’s normal format is hip hop and commercial, which is exactly what you’ll get pretty much everywhere in Newport. BUT, those 4 night listed above will be much, much different…dare I say much, much better? ;)

Each night is 9pm to 1am. Cover charge varies, and there is ALWAYS a line, so please plan to arrive early. We will have very little pull at the door unfortunately.

So come on down to Newport there is quality nightlife after all…well, on our nights at least. Hope to see you there!!

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WOW! Then that weekend is going to be a crazy weekend! Mike's grandmother lives in Portsmouth so we don't have to make reservations:tongue: ;) I can't wait Phil was telling me about this the other night and we are really looking forward to this! And I will have to give 36 a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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