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Vegas Memorial Weekend review...The Light at Bellagio

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Bellagio: The Light was Dimmed!

Well, for those of you looking to see what all the Hype is about at the Light at Bellagio, I have an Honest Report for you! Don't get excited about getting in at this Club, because it's not going to happen. Don't bother getting Comp tickets from the Bellagio, because they don't take them. Don't bother getting on the "guestlist" at the Light, simply because "Shaun" at the door, WILL NOT HONOR ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO OFFER UNLESS IT IS SERIOUS CASH, OR YOU ARE DROP DEAD MODEL MATERIAL GORGEOUS." 4 of us Girls were at the Light, trying to get in, like all the other 300 or 400 people in line. Well, I should say, crowd, not line. At the Light, there is No Line...it is just mass crowd. We were at the front of the line, waiting for our turn to get in. We had Comp tickets on Friday night and Shaun would not even look at us. I mean, were all cute and every thing, but he didnot give us any opportunity. We tried to talk to him to show him the passes, but he would purposely walk on by, ignoring. We finally gave up, disgusted! Then on Saturday, we returned to try again, after getting put on the Guestlist. Well, there is no Guestlist.....At the Light. The guys, like Shaun at the door, came out and announced the if you did not pay $300 for a table reservation, you would not be getting in. They were really rude, nasty, telling every one to give up and go away! Then I looked at the Reservation line....well, Lets put it this way, If I had bought a table at the Light for Memorial weekend, I would have been very pissed off..... The reservation line was over 150 people long. They had paid for a table and couldn't even get in. We were disgusted by the poorly managed club. They do not have a system, and, or if they do, they choose not to follow it. The only system I could see that they did follow, was that they would tell hundreds of people to go away, then turn around and go to the back of the crowd and pick and choose who they would let in, then lead those people through the crowd into the club. The girls that were chosen or hand picked for entry, were "Hooker looking" girls with fake boobs wearing next to nothing. Hey I am all for dressing different and fun, but these girls were obviously exotic dancers. So if you did not look like that, you did not have a chance of getting in.

As far as I am concerned, I will never go back to "The Light" again. I have been in the club before, on other trips, and it is not worth the Hassle that the snobby little punks at the door give you. Plus, the normal cover charge is $20.... well they were charging $30 this past weekend, but you only got in the door if you slipped a Hundred or so!

So, I hope that "The Light does not ruin the beautiful ambiance of the Bellagio, or the greatness of that hotel casino. It is truly a shame that the Owners of The Light can't run this Club like it should be run. All I can say is that there were hundreds of people pissed off and walked away from The Light. I hope they don't go back, like me, and maybe eventually this will teach the owners of the Light, that they have the system ALL WRONG

If you choose to visit the Light, Good Luck to you. I won't be going again. Cheers.....Debi

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I was at light two weeks before you, and let me tell you, you didn't miss much. Don't know where you're from, but I'm from the NYC area and was somewhat less than impressed. If the 5 girls we were with weren't dressed like hookers, the 2 guys and I wouldn't have gotten in. Once inside, I was overwhelmed by the top 40 music that was played. Jeez. for the money, and considering that it's Bellagio, couldn't they spring for something more original?

The podium dancers couldn't dance. But then again, neither could 70% of the people there. You'd think everyone watched a video of clubbing in the Jersey Shore because all people did was the Jersey Hand pump.

Sad to say, but the best part of my experience was going to the bathroom. The two attendants were hilarious and comical, every time I'd return they would welcome me and every other guy with lines like "Welcome back to the Bellagio bathroom, we appreciate your business." One of the guys even tried to give me a dollar for accidentally mopping over my shoe while trying to clean up the floor (I told him not to worry, he actually cleaned the margarita that some dunken tart spilled on me 10 minutes before)

All in all, I doubt I'd go back there either.

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