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Whats everyone up to this weekend.....?


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Fri.... Driving down to the Cape..

Sat.. Painting inside of summer house...drinking beers, and :bong: till I pass out..

Sun.. Driving home..


Edit: I just realized, I post on a clubbing board, and don't even go to clubs anymore..loser.

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Tonight: Record shopping in Swansea after work, and then I'm going home to work on a track with Frank.

Saturday: Work, and then Frank, Marty, and myself will be DJ'ing a friends wedding party in Hawain shirts. It's going to be a cheesefest, the likes of which sourthern Rhode Island has never seen. We've allready decided to make an announcement at the beggining of the night and say we're "The Devito, brothers, band, from New Jersey" and start off playing rawhide:laugh:. After that, I'm going home and hopefully finnishing the track with Frank.

Sunday: Playing at Pulse with my partner in crime Ede Armand from 6:00 to 12:00. The 6:00 part is fine, it's the 12:00 part that I'm having some issues with. But it should be fun. If all goes well, I'll be playing the track that Frank and I have been working on. This Sunday has been the self imposed deadline for it, for about a month now.

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