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33 Last Night

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Okay, so, as a DJ/Promoter and supporter of the scene, you’ll rarely hear me say anything bad about any night, venue or DJ. BUT you guys know me pretty well by now, and probably can read through the BS of my posts. If I ever sound vague or short on something, it’s probably because I didn’t like it, but don’t want to say it.

HOWEVER, 33 is hands down my new favorite place in Boston. The vibe in that place DESTROYS anything I have been to in a very, very long time. Intimate yet funky, super-chic yet a party, the downstairs lounge where we played last night is EXACTLY the atmosphere I enjoy most. Plus, the sound system in this little place owns. Incredible.

We only hit about half full last night, and it was largely Euro, but so much, everybody dancing and clapping and whistling and cheering and drinking and smiling…I couldn’t have asked for more.

Downside, yes, like most Groovefire venues, drinks are expensive. $6 Amstels (don’t know what anything else costs ‘cause that’s all I drank). But for my interests, I’d rather spend a bit more to be in that environment than spend less and surrounded by a bunch of angry dickheads, scrubs and weirdos. The people there were fun and don't bother you. And there were TWICE as many chicks than guys, no joke...hot chicks...rich chicks.

I REALLY hope we get to play there again sometime, and I really hope you guys will come if we do. If we had a whole crew there, it would be the best time ever, seriously!!

That’s all for now. :)

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Originally posted by kaydup

Are u there next tues?

Don’t know. This was just a one off, not an offer of a residency. But (and I rarely say this) WE KILLED THAT PLACE. We’ve already gotten emails this morning from total strangers who were there saying it was one of the best vibes they’ve ever experienced, so I’d be surprised if we’re not invited back sometime.

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