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understanding women = impossible

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so this last weekend, after tweaking and abusing my system for three days, i somehow still managed to convince my 'partner in crime' to stiffen up enough to distribute some carnal pleasures...

and so at first, this one girl follows me to my room, is doing her thing and is spending a great deal of energy trying to get me off, but it ain't happening...

so she asks if i want her to bring in this other girl that's out in my living room, and i say 'yes', so she does... i fuck the shit out of this other girl she had brought in while she watched, and everything seemed fine. she said it was better than any porno she had ever watched...

but then a couple days later, she sends me this weird email like she's really upset about it which was really unexpected... not only because she seemed to have enjoyed watching me and the other girl in the first place... but also because she's a married woman, and she seemed to have gotten upset that i had actually stuck my dick in another girl even though i've made it clear that i'm not trying to hook up with her whether she's a married woman or not...

i guess what i'm wondering is, why would a girl that's been married for quite a few years get upset that a single guy (me) fucked this other single girl while she watched us and seemed to enjoy it, along with involving herself a little bit here and there during, which she also seemed to have enjoyed?

with words, i've made it clear that there isn't any relationship possibility (even if she was single), so why is she stressin like that?

and please... only insightful replies to this, if at all possible...

i can do without the whole 'you're just a typical male who thinks with his dick' outbursts that usually follow a post like this... i assure you, neither me nor this other girl mentioned above (fuck-buddy) give a shit... we were just curious on why this married girl would switch mindsets as extremely as she did...

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not my biggest problem... just something that's been lurking in the back of my fried brain all week, and every so often i actually start thinking about it and wondering what made that married chick bug out like she did... the whole story's not here, but i basically outlined the majority of it, and was just wondering if any of you had any kinda insight... i really don't give a shit about relationships or anything of the sort right now, but i still get curious on why girls' brains work the way they do...

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i think this was an act of jaleousy. not jaleousy about you and her not being able to be together, but jaleousy about the "lighthartedness" with which you two got it on.

i think it took her quite a lot of emotional "thinking time" and she had to think about having sex with another man (you) a lot before she actually decided to get it on with you. it is very special to her and was not an easy or fast decision she made for herself.

now you see that other girl and you two immediately get it on (did you know her before btw?), no big thinking, no big special thing, just bam bam and nothing more. i think that is when she "got" it, that fucking to you is not something very special, just casual sex. not a lot of time thinking about it, no big emotional debates with yourself, just taking the op and going for it.

so, my guess is she is either jaleous of that "easygoing-ness" with sex, because she wishes she could be like that too. or she just realised that you two have totally different feelings and thoughts about sex (and its meaningfulness) and that upset her.


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A man stubbed his toe while walking on the beach and looked down to see Aladdin's lamp. Knowing the story, he picked it up and rubbed it. Sure enough, a genie appeared. The genie said, "Your wish is my command. Unfortunately, I am not a powerful genie and can only grant you one wish."

The man stated that he had always wanted to visit his ancestral home in Europe but was afraid of flying and didn't trust boats. "Genie," he said, "I want you to build a highway across the ocean so that I can drive to Europe."

The genie considered the logistics, driving pilings down through miles of water and then having the winds and sea lash at the pavement on the road. "That's pretty difficult," he said. "Is there something else that I can do for you?"

The man thought for a moment and said, "I want to understand women."

The genie thought and replied, "Do you want that highway to be 2 lanes or four?"

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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before i give my opinion i just have a question. how come you fucked girl B but not girl A? you weren't feeling her? she didn't want to have sex? what?

now, based on what i'm gathering from your post, i think what happened was that she was pretty horny and probably wasn't thinking of the after effects. she probably just wanted to get you off. when she couldn't do it herself, she probably figured she'd be RESPONSIBLE for it and make it better for you (since most guys like threesomes or whatthefuckever)

now when all was said and done and she had time to take in what happened she probably felt pretty shitty that number one: she couldn't get you off. number two: another girl could. number three: she was responsible for it. when all of her heatedness died down and she wasn't thinking for "in the moment", it probably gave her a fucked up feeling.

i'd only suggest you asking her what's up and see why she felt that way. regardless of previous agreements or talks about not taking it a step further, whenever you do threesomes or the whole "friends with benefits" shit, SOME one always gets attached. these things are like ticking bombs, yet people still willingly throw themselves into them.

either way, your situation is pretty fucked up to begin with so the best thing for you to do would probably be to step back and leave chick A and chick B alone.

good luck or whatever. :confused:

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