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OK the first Debate on this forum...

Steroids VS Supplements

What do you think the Pros and Cons are to either of the 2.

Personally I think many of the supplements out there do close to or just as much damage to your system as Steroids. Maybe not as fast. But all in all I think either can do just as much harm.

I am not talking about Protein and all the other Calorie shakes... I am talking about the supplements like ANDRO and other muscle building Suplements...

Personally I am not knocking anyone for doing them or not doing them. Just want to hear everyones opinions... I have gone both routes and had decent results either way.


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I would never do steroids in fear of wanting/doing to much of it.

I would do supplements but not a lot of them, maybe vitamins and one powder protein drink. I dont want to waste my money its not necassary to opt for all those powders and pills, bar, and drinks.

somehow people did all of this stuff naturally years ago. And these products are not tested long enough to know exactly what they can do to you health wise...

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