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Originally posted by incredulous

Why does NY give out tickets taht do not fit in the envelopes???

is it to piss you off EVEN more after getting the tickets :mad:

and why did bloomberg jack the price of meters anyways :confused:

Bloomberg is a cock sucker...

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Originally posted by ghhhhhost

his 24% approval rating speaks volumes

i know, its probebly dropping still. he is running the city like a buisness, not a city.

he thinks he would beat Clinton is he ran. i think Bill will do a much better job (cant get much worse)

and atleast our brothels and strip clubs will be save for a few more years j/k

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Bloomberg's a tool.

He was at a Harlem pool with some city counselor, and he was inaugerating some new "safe swimming pools in nyc" project. They showed him wading in the pool with all these Harlem kids.

Then one week later, 5 guys performed what they call a "whirlpool", where they surround a girl or 2 and sexually grope them :(

Its sick, that this happened 1 week right after Bloomy proclaims safety. How ironic :eek:

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