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You Guys Missed An Amazing Night!!!!

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Christ what a party! Went to bed at 2pm, got up at 8! Saeed and Palash laid down a pretty sick set, however, most of the crowd was kinda shady.

A super after-party at Reval's....partied it HARD last night!


Now for Pappa if I can manage.

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Originally posted by revaluation

Let me be the first to rub it in your lazy ass faces!!!!!!!!! wooooooot!!! Fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Vic, this night had your name written allllllllll over it!

I actually made it out:D Even after binge drinking at happy hour.

Nice to finally meet you reval.

First time seeing Saeed and Palash...they were GREAT!

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Originally posted by revaluation

me, raver, erin, pete, nautilus, lena, merkie, spin, barrett, mattknox, marcello...ummm, i think that was it.

why ain't i surprised marcello was there? if there someone that more gung-ho about tribal than me, its probably him.

---> spin "i'm to picky about the parties i go to" saikel :laugh:

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