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Howells @ Aria

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He went for 12 hours, his longest set ever. he said he did it because the huge crew of us came from boston/ny to see him. i left at 12 and he stopped at about 1:30. Pretty amazing music. Alot of the tracks i wasnt liking at Arc, I liked alot, mainly because of the vibe that arc lacks and aria doesnt. Saturday tried to sleep, couldnt, trhen we got really drunk and went to Stereo. Easily the best sound system Ive ever heard. Stayed there till like 5:30 and went back. Slept till check out and came home.

As you can see I didnt make it to work. Crazy fun this weekend.

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Originally posted by teamj5

you slept and you didnt have to drive home and you STILL didnt make it in to work?

jv....very jv

Flavanaps is the king of the jv ride home. I've never seen him awake for more than 10 minutes on a return trip. Not going to work the next day is weak.

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