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Rookie question


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When you write a post... underneath the part where you type, click the browse button (next to where it says 'attach'). Then find the pic on your hard drive and post it.

If you're getting something off another website, right click on the picture then hit properties. Copy the address (URL). Go back to CP, and click the 'IMG' button above where you type, then paste the URL in there.

Don't feel bad, teamj5 still doesn't know how to post pictures.

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It worked, you just have to be patient when you hit the post button. It takes forever for things to attach.

Now, click on your own attachment, do the right-click, properties thing. Copy the URL, then edit your post, click the IMG button, paste the URL and re-post the thing. That way it shows up right on the page and no one has to be bothered clicking on your stupid attachment!

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