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i think it is funny


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sorry to hear you are at work, i am freaking bored out of my mind, i wish i had a job so i could be working right now, making money to put towards a new vehicle, this sux:(

i guess i could go for a stroll or something, but ummm yeah that requires energy and after being all pumped to go to the beach today and not being able to get ahold of anyone well yeah i think i just keep myself on my bed and be lazy as hell:tongue:

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Ya shoulda come to CT wif me.

I had fuuuuun. :)

Nice to get outta P-town, real nice. But you got out, too, so you was doin' aight.

Becca I can't bring myself to lie to make up an illness and lie to the doctor to get out of work for three days.

I actually feel too bad to do it!

Karma, I guess.

Could you do it?

Anyway, if you want to job hunt on Saturday I'll haul yo' bootie around with me cuz I'll def look that day.

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