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The Shore...

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That's cool. Weather is unpredictable so don't trust the forecasts. I went there twice expecting good weather (trustin forecasts) and learned my lesson by walkin right into a thunder storm. Also get this.. I went on a computer an hour into the thunderstorm at my sis place and these assholes on weather.com said it was Sunny.. Heh.. Update was recent 2. Anyway cya..


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Originally posted by naughtybabe

I dont care what I do..... As long as Im drunk I'll be happy...

C-luv I told Josh him an dyou better be there...

and you better bring Misk .. Her and I have a spooning battle :laugh:

...MY DEAR!....THEY better bring ME!?! lol...i'm like a fuckin light fixture down there!....they r the ones u gotta worry about!...well actually....yoshua...he might go to smellmar like he has been lately!:mad: .................ready....set...SPOOOOON!

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