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the 'C' word

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this morning at work ..i get a phone call regarding junior lessons....nothing crazy about that ...but in the background there two kids argueing..and all i hear is one kid sayin to the other


then the mother goes on about how the kids are only 8 and 9 and etc. the kids get louder and start cursing more...the next thing i know the mother throws the phone on the floor and stars beating her kids ..and i mean BEATINGGGG

so this is buggin me out ...she grabs the phone and im thinkin whats gonna happen now :confused: ....then she to her kids 'IM ON THE MUTHA FUCKIN PHONE WITH TENNIS CLUB WATCH UR FUCKIN MOUTH .....FUCKING CUNTS!!!'

:eek: :eek:

then she says sorry to me..her kids pick up the language from school :laugh: :laugh:

umm wow ...thats all

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it would make sense but it'd never work... if they started enforcing standards on parenting, procreation would go down the drain because half the population in some way or another wouldn't be fit...

not to say that every parent should be perfect... that's impossible... maybe they should require you to take parenting classes or something...

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