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Any chance of spinnin' in seattle?

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Hi, I am a 24 year old DJ from Hamburg, Germany, and I was wondering if there would be any chance of landing a small gig in seattle. I would love to find a chance to spin with a friend of mine from cologne. were spinning in germany, but haven't made a big name for ourselfs yet. We would like to do this just for fun, were spinning detroit/minimal/progessive techno, and we're very good at it, too´... if anyone would be interested, we will gladly send out minidiscs and tapes, so you could determine if the music would be the kind you like. we are not expecting to get paid big bucks for this, it would be for the fun of it, and you could have a night with pounding underground techno from europe ( no euro disco/techno ), but the hard stuff...

thanks a lot, stitch

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of course!

what you need to do is promote yourself. go to shows, meet people. in the end it's people who are going to get you in.

a good way to make contacts is to make bulk copies (or even one-offs, if you're ambitious) of mixed tapes thet represent what you like to play or are interested in. make sure your contact information like name/phone/ or email is *printed* on each tape -- tape covers and j-cards can get lost.

then you should take those tapes and use them like your business card. go to local new/used music stores that carry music you like and drop off copies, chat with the owners, bring a couple copies with you when you go out and hand them out to people you meet. give them to your friends to give to their friends. give them out like candy -- don't sell it, no one knows or cares enough to give you money yet.

and that is a good first step. a lot of the time you will hear nothing, but many promoters are glad to try out new (read: low asking price) djs to open for shows they have already booked. another tip - don't be too surprised if you don't get paid at the end of night, even when they said they would. business is like that when you're new.

most shows you will get because you know someone that knows someone, etc. be persistant.

good luck and let us know what happens.

- toasted

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