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Aint this the damn truth.....(long but worth it)


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You asked why.

Okay, I'll tell you.

You remember how you used to have to go to school with crude, violent little boys (mostly)everybody was scared of? Whether you avoided them, fought them or joined them, you couldn't ignore them, and it ruined your whole life. They were fucked up, heartless little balls of shit, weren't they? They pushed everyone around, tortured animals and laughed about it, etc. They almost NEVER got caught, and when they did, all they weren't really punished. They deserved to be beaten bloody and have their hair yanked out by the kids they tormented, but nothing happened. They deserved to be run over by a truck til their spines snapped and their guts squished out so all the decent kids could feel safe again, but instead they got off easy, and nobody felt safe.

You thought everybody grew up after a while, right?

The biggest sin existing is bullying, and the greatest crime comes from how the adult world secretly and not so secretly protects these same bullies, now older, because they are still too SCARED to CROSS these lying, cheating, stealing, disruptive, brutalizing harmers of bodies, the dangerous fucking monsters. Your parent/s won't tell you, but 98% of adult life revolves around which bully you choose to back. Not *if* you choose, but which one. Your paycheck depends upon it. Do you think a person makes a comfortable living doing honest work? Nobody pays you jack for that! The BUCKS only come from whoring for bullies, protecting their interests, and convincing decent people to kiss their collective ass. And when you kiss, you'd better fake it with all you've got OR ELSE! You couldn't escape them in school and you can't escape them in adult life. They own everything, they run everything, they spy on anyone who threatens or crosses them and ruin them. They are EXPERTS. So when you wonder why so many ugly rotten violent things are the way they are, it's because everybody's at a loss about what to do when the price of decency, rationality and justice is usually your life, and a fortune's to be made from looking the other way. Children are simultaneously taught from tender ages that bullying is wrong AND to get used to violence, as its instigator or its victim. Is there a single thing you've been told in your whole life that didn't boil down to "shut up and stop complaining", usually about somebody BIGGER AND MEANER doing something you'd always heard was wrong? This is the contradiction, and it touches every part of our lives. Bullying and violence are not only tollerated, they are often encouraged.

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