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hey guess what...


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i hate irish chicks who sing when they get drunk, (especially these off-key sinead o'connor wannafuckinbees kill bon jovi... and while youre at it tie up richie sambora naked to a computer chair and shoot skittles out of pea shooter at his genitals until he agrees to go out and buy back every cd they sold...), i hate hookers who think theyre highclass and just sit at a bar sippin on virgin cosmos (hey you dumb bitch its cranberry juice and lime juice), i hate ppl who talk about sex way too often or in too much detail (i dont give a fuck, more importantly chances are it didnt happen you fucker...), i hate braggarts, i hate it when a girl gets too drink and she cannot even speak, i hate it when drunk guys are louder than they are entertaining, i hate being sober because i notice all this shit when im out~!!! sobriety sucks fuckin ass~!



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